New Staff of MCC!

Hello, my name is Christian Sanchez. I work in the consulting division M-Cross and handle the marketing strategy for new and existing clients.

I have a Bachelors of Science from Cal State Northridge. I started off doing academic research for the School of Business at Cal State Northridge. We focused on how people interact in a non virtual environment i.e. anything other than face to face interactions. My educational background is in Organization Psychology and Economics. 

I moved into the non-profit sector in Downtown Los Angeles. I was a jack of all trades for the non-profit. Most people in non-profits aren't highly specialized due to the nature of the work. I worked on social media, data analysis, operations and fund-raising. 

That was the boring stuff. I enjoy the arts and think they are very important in any society. Although I currently don't seem  have the time to sit down and paint or digest a novel, I enjoy it very much. I also make short films with some of my old friends. There is a foundation to all of my interests. Very simply, I am in love with narrative, whether it's in fiction, the visual arts or in business. 

I am very excited to work with such a wonderful team at M-Cross. I aim to create a memorable narrative filled with success and innovation alongside the rest of the people at M-Cross.

You can contact me via email at:

Thank You!